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We have competences on data analysis, construction of data-driven business management, we implement machine learning in decision-making processes and use simulation modeling for strategic scenario planning

Supply chain management

Development of models for demand forecasting, optimization of procurement and distribution activities, integrated planning implementation: reduction of inventory and logistics costs while improving the service level.

Assortment and promotions management

Dynamic pricing implementation, testing new solutions, efficiency of category management and promotions: increasing the average order value, increasing the efficiency of merchandising and trade marketing.

Strategic planning

Data collection, competitive analysis, preparation of information and benchmarks for motivational part of strategies, scenario simulation modelling and optimization, development of business-models: improving the quality of strategic initiatives.

Human Resources Management

Statistical personnel planning, analysis of recruitment methods, review of adaptation process, efficiency analysis of training, personnel reserve development with the analytical approach, efficiency estimation of motivation system: optimization of wages fund, budgets for recruitment and professional growth of employees, increasing employees involvement.

Marketing and Communications

Research and segmentation of the target audience, calculation of unit economics, efficiency analysis of promotion channels, development of direct offers techniques, reputational analysis: increasing the level of customer satisfaction, growth of customers and increasing income while reducing promotion costs

Banking analytics and loyalty

Making zero-based bank reports, optimization and automation of the existing reports, development of an automatic system for measuring customers behavior, launch of new bank products, development of the loyalty program: increasing customer involvement in bank products and consumption of bank products, profit growth due to increased monetary flows.

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Competencies based on 14 years’ experience


Analytics Maturity Audit

Second opinion, strategic estimation of analytical processes maturity, quality of implemented analytical solutions and level of personnel development.


Data-driven transformation

Implementing of data analysis, machine learning into decision making processes. Data preparation, identification of hidden patterns and anomalies.


Simulation model development

Developing hypotheses, structuring and operationalization of ideas about the future of business functions, comparing alternative scenarios, finding bottlenecks and contradictions.


Analytical team development

Search and selection of analysts, education, implementation of modern practices in the field of organization of analytical activities, training for presentation of analytical results.

Analytical Solutions Ready for Rapid Implementation

Set of analytical components of Loginom Demand Planning allows you to take the process of inventory management to a new level by automating routine operations to prepare data, performing complex calculations. Due to automatic demand forecasting, you can look into the future as closely as possible, assess the likely needs of your customers and plan for them to purchase, distribute or manufacture products.

Specialized solutions to optimize and improve the efficiency of all the company’s Marketing. Includes RFM analysis components, ABC/XYZ analysis and evaluation of advertising campaigns efficiency. Optimizes campaign parameters including frequency, communication channels, geography, time and target audience selection. The goal of the solutions is to increase the efficiency of Marketing functions in general by automating calculations, increasing transparency and methods of advanced analytics. The component is developed on the Loginom analytical platform.

Tools for improving the effectiveness of the Loyalty Programm management, capable of performing deep segmentation of the client base, forming an analytical "client portrait", as well as predicting the effects of various promotional mechanics. Implementation of this tools will increase the inflow of new active clients, increase the involvement and loyalty to the brand among current clients, allow more effectively promote re-sales, as well as allow to earn extra money on clients in partnership programs. The component is developed on the Loginom analytical platform.

Tools for automated analysis and optimization of trading activities on marketplaces for small and medium businesses. It provides reporting, performance indicators and a system of recommendations. Tool increases transparency and efficiency in assortment, sales and inventory management processes. It integrates with marketplace platform with API, consolidates historical data, enriches with data from 1C (or any other accountant system) without risk of commercial secret leak. The component is developed on the Loginom analytical platform.

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Our team amounts over 15 professionals


Mansur Kadimov

Managing Partner

Supply chain management, marketing and sales optimization. 14 years of experience in analytical processes development, implementation of forecasting, planning systems and simulation modeling.


Vartan Gevorgov


Development of loyalty systems, bank analytics. 14 years of experience in analytical processes development, segmentation of clients, optimization of targeted marketing campaigns and personnel motivation systems

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As professionals in the field of implementation of data based business management systems and advanced analytics, we are fluent in a variety of analytical tools, including analytical platform Loginom, simulation modeling system AnyLogic, data visualization environment MS Power BI, Tableau, QlikSense, SQL, noSQL, libraries in the programming languages Python and R.

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The header of the website contains a rethought photo of the wave behavior that inspired us by Berenice Abbott. Berenice is the first U.S. female photographer to achieve wide popularity for her New York photos in this traditionally male profession. In the 40s and 50s of the twentieth century, she was fascinated by photography of physical and chemical processes. Physical concepts that remained invisible or even abstract, in her photographs with verified lighting, composition and moment, found their way in textbooks, inspiring generations of scientists with their poetry.

As Berenice, we are passionate about our work, we strive to make former invisible and abstract economic, informational, social processes and phenomena not only visible, but also manageable. And when we find a passionate business customer like us, we create poetry. Is that you? Contact us!