Reshape Loyalty Layout

tools for increasing the manageability of the loyalty system that solve the problems of segmenting and formation of the analytical "client portrait" as well as predict the effectiveness of various promo tools

Reshape Loyalty Layout

Resolve the accumulated contradictions

Old clients

  • Start to lose interest in the program
  • Have a well-established behavioral pattern
  • Use conservative channels of communication

New clients

  • Actively use the program in the beginning
  • Often change their behavior while trying new products
  • Have accessible and convenient communication channels


  • Data integration and control with all company storages
  • Enriching data from digital channels
  • Clear logic of calculating indicators, always available for recalculation


  • Analytical customer segmentation
  • Prediction of potential effects of campaigns and promotions
  • Development of an individual offer for each client


  • Advanced analytics that does not require programming skills
  • Various reports ranging from RFM analysis to client flow management via programs


Concentration on the most important, everything else the system makes automatically

You need one resource - potential of Reshape Loyalty Layout

Benefits from using the solution


Increasing income, improving sales economy and service level


Turnover growth, optimization of slow positions and supplies


Reducing logistics, storage and return costs


Obtaining additional income from referral programmes

The basis of the solution is the library of Loginom submodels, available

for step-by-step implementation

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