Reshape Marketplace Management

solution for automated efficiency analysis and optimization of trading activities at marketplaces for small and medium businesses


Resolve the accumulated contradictions


  • Owns exclusive information about sales
  • Stimulates price competition without knowing the full seller’s economy
  • Shifts logistics costs to sellers


  • Has a deficit in information on real demand
  • Doesn’t want to share information about valid cost price and pricing policy
  • Doesn't want to risk and pay for the logistics on marketplace


  • Data integration and control with marketplace APIs
  • Storage of historical information
  • Integration with 1C without data leakage risk


  • Advanced analytics that does not require programming skills
  • Reporting from ABC analysis and inventory structure to lost sales calculation


  • Automatic demand forecasting
  • Automatic planning and inventory management


Concentration on the most important work, everything else the system makes automatically

Harness full potential of the marketplace

Seller's benefits from using the solution


Increasing income, improving sales economy and service level


Turnover growth, optimization of slow positions and supplies


Reducing logistics, storage and return costs

The basis of the solution is the library of Loginom submodels,

available for step-by-step implementation

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